I’m a School Network

Wonde offers simple solutions, and powerful management.


How Wonde can make a difference to your schools

When you manage a number of schools, you need an effective, unilateral IT system in place. As a premier provider of cloud based data management, Wonde provides a scalable solution for your school network resulting in enhanced connectivity, centralised control and stronger safeguarding.


Centralised data control

Centralised control of your schools’ data from one simple-to-use online portal.


Simple data sharing

Manage your data sharing easily and accurately.


Meet protection obligations

Help to meet your data protection obligations.


Access multiple apps

Access Wonde-approved apps with speed and ease.


Global tech support

Supported by global
technology experts.


Lead better with Wonde

Providing centralised data management, enhanced communication and greater cost savings.

High-level performance of schools requires a coherent, secure data management system. Wonde enables school networks to achieve successful, sustainable growth through the ability to centralise control, gain cost-savings and improve collaborations.

I’m a school network

I want a simple, secure data management system that works.


Our team will handle
all the details.